Death Star Chandelier 

The first time that my husband and I were looking for a place, I automatically knew I would have a chandelier somewhere…I guess the “Château de Versailles”* part of me was taking over…

So even before we find the place, I started to look around to find the dream masterpiece!    I was looking for something Art Deco, Urban chic and Timeless. Something that will follow us no matter which type of apartment we will find or decor I will do.

Budget wise I didn’t want to spend more than 200$ especially since I was not looking for the crystal type of chandelier. I gave a try to West Elm, Home Depot , Wayfair , Lowe’s and nothing was matching my expectations. Knowing that I wanted something affordable I stopped by the IKEA website and…Boooom !!! “La pièce de résistance”* was here right in front of me !!

Easy to assemble  and not so easy to install ( our apartment is a pre war building ) the ceiling was not ready for us … But, with some tricks, creativity, drawling here and there we made it!

Our Chandelier recalled later “The Death Star” was right on time for our Star Wars Marathon.


Note: As you can see we still have to fix the base and paint, for it to be finished.The Death Star Saga will continue…

Design Credits : IKEA $69.99 available in three different sizes we got the smaller one.

Photo Credits : Mrs Lambert   

*Chateau de Versailles : Most famous Castle in France from 1682.
*Piece de resistance : Most important thing of the event.

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