Kips Bay 2016 

This afternoon I went to check out the Kips Bay Designer Showhouse 2016 and it was amazing! 

For once and all : Blue is the way to go ! From the king blue to the Cerulean crossing the turquoise and ocean one , the beautiful townhouse showed me all the colors range than you can imagine when it comes to the primary color .

The most surprising ? Well a lot of designers are now using the grey in his silver shades as accent colors . From mate to shiny , velvet to linen, faux leather, suede or sheer the sophisticated chic touch was in the air .

Also interesting the combination of natural, beige and white on one pattern in a Patchwork style . 

In one word a mix and match of different shades from the same color either way to turn down or up the rooms where wall art and furniture become the accents/ masterpieces instead of the casual accent pillows game or curtains. 

Always on point I already knew that lavender will be the new pink . More precisely the blue periwinkle. 

Kips Bay 2016 was for me the discovery of what I kind of already felt :  The Renaissance of luxe durability fabrics. 

Designers credits : Kips Bay Decorator Showhousr 2016 

Photo Credits : Mrs Lambert 


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