Dear New York

As much as I’m getting used to the Big Apple deep down inside me something keep on bothered me … Believe it or not but every summer my eyes hurt .

Wonder why ? Well I was never a fan of sunglasses , probably because I Loooooove to roll my eyes… and with those ladies on my nose no way to act like a  Frenchy mean girl .

So, to protect the public from my behavior ( just kidding ) . Let me rephrase. To protect myself from the amount of fashionable horrors that this jungle has to offer once the sun is up. I accessorize myself with THE pair of sunglasses. 

Mirror Mirror who’s the meanest of all ?

Ahahahha ahahahha 

Photo credit : Mrs Lambert 


Oh my Oh my Dinosaur 

My little Prince turns 5 months today and in his honor I’m wearing what I call my Dinosaur Cuff …

I guess you want to know why? Well lately his favorite book is “Oh my, Oh my , Oh dinosaurs”by Sandra Boynton.

So on this specific day I will be his Pretty Strong Dinosaur !

Photo Credit : Mrs Lambert 

From Parisian to Brooklynian 

When people ask me where I’m from , I automatically say “I’m from Paris”. You will think that I would say “from France” right ? But no, us Parisians we think that the city is the country ! 

Coming to America I realized that people do apply this rule too…You are either way a New Yorker or a Brooklynian like I love to say…Because overseas people don’t really know the three others , lol.

So…How to survive in the Jungle city ? A savage doze of humor and your best black and white combo:  leather skin and cotton linen. If in Paris we go for the blue and white with the red lipstick , in New York Black is ” de rigueur ” *.

 I tend to forget that an armor of accessories should help to make yourself relevant. But I’m pretty sure that you already know it .

Of course I’m slightly joking but as we love to say : ” we are not haters we are just French”.

Design Credit : linen Fabric ” Cross” from Michele Dopp’s Collection. 

Fashion credit : H&M baby doll leather dress , Zara black leather short , Jewelry Sandals , Noir Jewelry bracelets , Nixon watch .

Photo Credits : Mrs Lambert 

*To be De rigueur : care is required