Milf Judged

Never be ashamed of what you want to be for yourself …The first minutes I knew I was expecting I knew right away that I will be a postpartum Milf . 

Not the one that Society defines …But my own definition of a Milf. A Mother who is Interested by Living her life with Fabulosity! 

I wanted my son to look at me one day and say: “My mom is the dopest when it comes to happiness because she’s living her motherhood to the fullest”.

All Milfs  are not looking for the sexual attention. Some of us just need recognition of our Art de vivre* being the best at what we do. 

Being a happy mom embracing her new curves, weight, boobs. Being a mom who doesn’t care of what Society dictated us to look like 6 months postpartum. Being a mom living the fabulosity with her new kingdom named Family.

So before Milf Judging us, please ask us first which type of Milf we are 😉.

Fashion Credit : Stan Smith Sneakers, Hermès Birkin Bag, Colorina Pencil Skirt.

Photo Credit : Mrs Lambert

Art de vivre* : way of living

Milf Judging : misjudging a Milf 

A Milf : Mother Interrested in Living the Fabulousity 


The new normal 

Or how the power of Stan Smith makes you ultra cool automatically . Yes because being cool is totally affordable, free of charges and with no delivery fees. 

So what are you waiting for ? Go get your pair of boyfriend Jeans , even your grandma ones will do the trick. A white tee shirt or tank top and the Must have a designer cute tiny bag.

No designers ? Zara…Asos…MissGuided can totally help.

Still here ?!!!!! Go go go ! Being cool won’t last that long …

Designer credit : Louis Vuitton Makeup bag, Stan Smith sneakers , H&M denim jean . Isabelle Marant white tee shirt 

Photo credits : Mrs Lambert 


For those who knows me , I loooove to create words . Might come from the fact that I’m a foreigner and English wasn’t easy to learn ….Or simply from a lack of seriousness as I love to joke around . Anyway.

The purpose of this new word is to translate the love that I have for those Pop Chairs ! I will include them in my house like a circle of Anonymous Popsicles Addicted . (Trust me they do exist…In my sweet tooth head ) lol. 

So I called them PopChaircles in memory of the happiness that a Popsicle gave once tasted. 

More seriously I do believe in the power of colors and each “Chez Soi” * should have a piece or two of flamboyant furniture as long as the rest is coherent and harmonious. 

I choose and ordered two of them in the Apple green color  to give life to our velvet dark grey Chesterfield sofa.  

Being Parisian and a bit of an asshole (my citizenship makes me like that) …I won’t tell you YET where to get them , BUT  I will surely show you the result of my decor once they will be in our living room!

I really write like I talk …Crazy me ! 

Photo & Design Credits: You will know once they are in my living room !

*Chez Soi : Home sweet Home 



I don’t know about you guys , but lately everybody is doing the so non revolutionary thing called “Contour”* . 

Makeup Contour, Body Contour All day , everyday … Which most of the time nowadays result to a major “Detour” since Half of the population don’t do it right or too much . 

My question is : “have you ever thought that maybe the best way of contouring is …not to do it ? ”

I hate to repeat myself but one more time and if you admire the “Je ne sais quoi “* that most frenchies have …Including myself …Please Embrace your natural beauty with a savant splash of makeup instead of a bag of hilarity . 

You will thank me later once looking back at your selfies . Lol 

I’m still remarkably in love with the design of these tools that I will use for the extra girls night out !

Design Credit : Louboutin Lipstick , Ayva Brushes

Photo Credit : Ayva Brushes 

*Je ne sais quoi : “I don’t know why” art of doing something really good effortlessly. 

*Contouring : art of highlighting some part of your face.