I don’t know about you guys , but lately everybody is doing the so non revolutionary thing called “Contour”* . 

Makeup Contour, Body Contour All day , everyday … Which most of the time nowadays result to a major “Detour” since Half of the population don’t do it right or too much . 

My question is : “have you ever thought that maybe the best way of contouring is …not to do it ? ”

I hate to repeat myself but one more time and if you admire the “Je ne sais quoi “* that most frenchies have …Including myself …Please Embrace your natural beauty with a savant splash of makeup instead of a bag of hilarity . 

You will thank me later once looking back at your selfies . Lol 

I’m still remarkably in love with the design of these tools that I will use for the extra girls night out !

Design Credit : Louboutin Lipstick , Ayva Brushes

Photo Credit : Ayva Brushes 

*Je ne sais quoi : “I don’t know why” art of doing something really good effortlessly. 

*Contouring : art of highlighting some part of your face.


9 thoughts on “Detour 

  1. Ariyana Gane says:

    I totally feel you it seems like people take so much time to look picture perfect with make up when they already are 😣 I don’t like when people try to make their nose smaller with contour tricks either like EMBRACE IT LADYS

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