For those who knows me , I loooove to create words . Might come from the fact that I’m a foreigner and English wasn’t easy to learn ….Or simply from a lack of seriousness as I love to joke around . Anyway.

The purpose of this new word is to translate the love that I have for those Pop Chairs ! I will include them in my house like a circle of Anonymous Popsicles Addicted . (Trust me they do exist…In my sweet tooth head ) lol. 

So I called them PopChaircles in memory of the happiness that a Popsicle gave once tasted. 

More seriously I do believe in the power of colors and each “Chez Soi” * should have a piece or two of flamboyant furniture as long as the rest is coherent and harmonious. 

I choose and ordered two of them in the Apple green color  to give life to our velvet dark grey Chesterfield sofa.  

Being Parisian and a bit of an asshole (my citizenship makes me like that) …I won’t tell you YET where to get them , BUT  I will surely show you the result of my decor once they will be in our living room!

I really write like I talk …Crazy me ! 

Photo & Design Credits: You will know once they are in my living room !

*Chez Soi : Home sweet Home 



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