The Job 

I never knew I will be busy as much as I am by just being a mom … My colleagues, yes you heard me, my moms colleagues should have told me the struggle I will face once applying for this job,lol. 

Don’t get me wrong, I got the position real quick and my employer dear little prince [that I love to death], didn’t know neither  I will fit perfectly . 

So…Why am I complaining ? Well I feel that I just need an extra day between Sunday and Monday to be able to : Blog, Recover from hangover , shop in actual stores and not anymore online, go on extra dates with my husband and just be the old me for few extra inches of heels. 

Deep down I know I will keep on being better and I will get promoted to CEO of this company called…. Parenthood, but for now I will perfect my super model catwalk wearing my heels and walking my Prince in his stroller. After all maybe I can do it all!! Being a mom , wearing heels, carrying a stroller and still be efficient at work?! I guess I’m slaying it. So can you!!

Dedicated to all the working moms and dads either way at home or at work. Don’t give up on yourself and switch those sweatpants for mini skirts, heels and lipstick or whatever makes you feel hot dear Daddy!

Sorry guys for my lack of posts but I guess, I’m back . 

Fashion Credits : Zara Skirt , Uppa Baby stroller , Vintage Shoes.

Photo Credit : Madame Lambert ®


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