The Wave

Once upon a time a little girl Miss S.N landed in New York a day of April 4th, 2011. 

Willing to finish her second master and most importantly learn English…The young Parisian on top of her 20’s was running the town without even knowing that she will stay here for now almost 6 years.

And when I say running the town it’s literally everyday from Tarrytown to Manhattan EVERYFuckingDAY! 

Long story ultra sophisticated short . Here I am in my 30’s accomplishing what most of you will call the American Dream. 

I turned my Miss into a Mrs , my Model body for a curvilicious fabulous momma one, my internship into a real job and most of all my happiness into a forever and ever one. 

Today as much as Shantell Martin (exclusive Jacket shown on the picture) I believe that one day I will be my own boss … Making people happy by my creativity and cool attitude. You know why? Because waves don’t die and if I was able to have a little taste of hers by meeting her, chasing after her talent and then receiving this AMAZING JACKET AND COLORING BOOK….I know that I can “make it” too. 

When time will come for my little one to wear it, I know that he will feel the same vibes as me and his father did. 

I will tell him while wearing this bomber jacket : “Everything is possible. Keep running after your dreams until these ones come true.” 

Thank you New York…

Design credit : Shantell Martin Exclusive Jacket for Mr Robot pop-up store , Wave Coloring Book, Our Charcoal Chesterfield Velvet Sofa.

Photos: Mrs Lambert®


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