Cinderella by day 

Some of us work night shift and some others the day shift . 

In both cases we work hard to make it to somewhere . 

Either way for more money , fame or just for the sake to keep on leaving.

Despite the crazy hours, work done, or schedules …Always remind yourself to keep it cute and sparkling . 

Only you can be your own fairytale . 

That’s the reason why I wake up every morning  telling myself : ” remember when you were poor and you wore that cheap outfit  which look like a million bucks?…Well now it’s time to buy the outrageously expensive one..’Cause you’re going to make it Gurll” 

Never let anyone stop you from achieving your own success.

Design credits : H&M jewelry skirt , Vintage wedding shoes .

Photo credit : Madame Lambert 


Be shady 

No shame in this game . Make your interiors digitally powerful. Wondering what do I meant right ?

Well at a time of our Lives where every one of us like to socialize on the 2.0 platform… Let’s be creative and print our favorite pictures or inspirational prints on some shades…Lamp shades . 

 Like Tania Vartan and Christopher Spitzmiller or from a more customizable way. Make your interiors yours.

Design Credit : Tania Vartan, Christopher Spitzmiller.

Photo credit : Madame Lambert 

Curls Curls Gurls 

You shouldn’t have to explain who you are , where you are going and neither why you wanna be somebody else . 

Changing is good sometimes…As long as you love the way you are , PLEASE have fun with yourself !

Life is too short to keep the same hair cut more than five years in the row! Lol. 

Probably why I have a whole collection of lacewigs !! So when I’m tired of my short , pixie hair style , I switched it up for one of my Guuuurls ( they always have amazing names , lol). 

A round of applause for Angela ! 

Design Credit : Isis Red Carpet , Angela 

Photo credits : Madame Lambert