La Parisienne

Dedicating this outfit to my mom who wore something really similar at her wedding day at the French City Hall.

More than 30 years later here I am, being inspired by her. 

Merci maman, merci Papa! Make my marriage last as long as yours and beyond because you guys just rock !

Photo credit : Madame Lambert


Why not

You know how much I love each of my shoes. Yesterday I went alllllllll the way to the bottom of my closet to find my Minnie’s.

Yes each of my shoes have names…After All some of my lace wigs too…So, why not?!lol.

People might think I spent a lot of money on them but I’m actually a really good shopper and I have the eye of a tiger. 

For these beauties I dropped $10. Where did I get them? Consignment shop on 96th and Broadway, NY, NY.

Even if I lie to my enemies about the price… Yes for the Askholes * it’s $190 lmao. I do want to let you know dear friends that these Neiman Marcus are worth every single pennies. 

So keep the secret for yourself if you want to know more about my fashion treasures.

Design Credit : shoes vintage Neiman Marcus, Jumpsuit ASOS .

Photo credit : Madame Lambert. 

Askholes *: someone who spent their time asking for everything without applying your advice or listen to your answer.