Pleasure Printable 

Hopefully you got the Musical reference… If not… Oh Well . 

Prints on Prints is the new “No white after Labor Day “. Nobody care about it and everybody do what makes them happy.

So, Get the audacity to mix and match prints as you wish.  As long as those don’t scream “I dress in a pitch black room and I love it … [No honey, turn the light on and put it together, ‘Cause Bozo the clown already have a job]”… 

You are entitled to do whatever the weather makes you feel. 

Square + Plaid + Stripes or Circles + Flowers + Cheetah Prints…It’s all about the right colors. 

Have fun and let me know !

Designs Credits : H&M Pants, Goyard Tote Bag, Aztèque Scarf , Zara shoes, Gap Man Shirt, Wool coat.

Photo Credits : Madame Lambert 


Dear New York

As much as I’m getting used to the Big Apple deep down inside me something keep on bothered me … Believe it or not but every summer my eyes hurt .

Wonder why ? Well I was never a fan of sunglasses , probably because I Loooooove to roll my eyes… and with those ladies on my nose no way to act like a  Frenchy mean girl .

So, to protect the public from my behavior ( just kidding ) . Let me rephrase. To protect myself from the amount of fashionable horrors that this jungle has to offer once the sun is up. I accessorize myself with THE pair of sunglasses. 

Mirror Mirror who’s the meanest of all ?

Ahahahha ahahahha 

Photo credit : Mrs Lambert 

From Parisian to Brooklynian 

When people ask me where I’m from , I automatically say “I’m from Paris”. You will think that I would say “from France” right ? But no, us Parisians we think that the city is the country ! 

Coming to America I realized that people do apply this rule too…You are either way a New Yorker or a Brooklynian like I love to say…Because overseas people don’t really know the three others , lol.

So…How to survive in the Jungle city ? A savage doze of humor and your best black and white combo:  leather skin and cotton linen. If in Paris we go for the blue and white with the red lipstick , in New York Black is ” de rigueur ” *.

 I tend to forget that an armor of accessories should help to make yourself relevant. But I’m pretty sure that you already know it .

Of course I’m slightly joking but as we love to say : ” we are not haters we are just French”.

Design Credit : linen Fabric ” Cross” from Michele Dopp’s Collection. 

Fashion credit : H&M baby doll leather dress , Zara black leather short , Jewelry Sandals , Noir Jewelry bracelets , Nixon watch .

Photo Credits : Mrs Lambert 

*To be De rigueur : care is required 

Kips Bay 2016 

This afternoon I went to check out the Kips Bay Designer Showhouse 2016 and it was amazing! 

For once and all : Blue is the way to go ! From the king blue to the Cerulean crossing the turquoise and ocean one , the beautiful townhouse showed me all the colors range than you can imagine when it comes to the primary color .

The most surprising ? Well a lot of designers are now using the grey in his silver shades as accent colors . From mate to shiny , velvet to linen, faux leather, suede or sheer the sophisticated chic touch was in the air .

Also interesting the combination of natural, beige and white on one pattern in a Patchwork style . 

In one word a mix and match of different shades from the same color either way to turn down or up the rooms where wall art and furniture become the accents/ masterpieces instead of the casual accent pillows game or curtains. 

Always on point I already knew that lavender will be the new pink . More precisely the blue periwinkle. 

Kips Bay 2016 was for me the discovery of what I kind of already felt :  The Renaissance of luxe durability fabrics. 

Designers credits : Kips Bay Decorator Showhousr 2016 

Photo Credits : Mrs Lambert 

Arty Thursday 

While some of you might be under the Throw back Thursday well I decided to keep it Arty . 

Tie and Dye Tee-shirt Dress accentuated with Malachite stone cuff . Less is better. 
Fashion credit : Zara Tee-shirt , handmade Cuff .

Photo : Mrs Lambert

The Stones

We all need a masterpiece in our Cosy home sweet home …And if you do have kids this pattern will give the boost that you are looking for the little Princess or Prince of your heart. 

Curtains, lamp shades , head bed or pillows nothing should stop you to be creative ! 

Easy to wash 100% linen , with a good durability you will still have to invest a little more that on a regular fabric … Why? It’s digital print, customizable and only made by order honey! 

Design credit : Tania Vartan Alabastro Dark blue & Black, Alabastro Gold. Lawton mull office’s lamp.

Photo: Mrs Lambert  

A Tray…Ler

Sometimes the only piece missing in your house is a good tray . Not automatically the one which will serve “hors d’oeuvres” …But the one where you will dump your jewels, keys, coins or how about NOTHING AT ALL ?!

Simplicity is the key and with these Malachite trays  made from digital printed fabrics; you will set the record straight to the Chic .

Design credits : Tania Vartan’s trays  , Malachite 100% Linen fabrics, Savel Inc Tahitian Vanilla Striesuede (background ). Prices Available at Savel Inc around $59 .

Photo credit: Mrs Lamber