La Parisienne

Dedicating this outfit to my mom who wore something really similar at her wedding day at the French City Hall.

More than 30 years later here I am, being inspired by her. 

Merci maman, merci Papa! Make my marriage last as long as yours and beyond because you guys just rock !

Photo credit : Madame Lambert


Why not

You know how much I love each of my shoes. Yesterday I went alllllllll the way to the bottom of my closet to find my Minnie’s.

Yes each of my shoes have names…After All some of my lace wigs too…So, why not?!lol.

People might think I spent a lot of money on them but I’m actually a really good shopper and I have the eye of a tiger. 

For these beauties I dropped $10. Where did I get them? Consignment shop on 96th and Broadway, NY, NY.

Even if I lie to my enemies about the price… Yes for the Askholes * it’s $190 lmao. I do want to let you know dear friends that these Neiman Marcus are worth every single pennies. 

So keep the secret for yourself if you want to know more about my fashion treasures.

Design Credit : shoes vintage Neiman Marcus, Jumpsuit ASOS .

Photo credit : Madame Lambert. 

Askholes *: someone who spent their time asking for everything without applying your advice or listen to your answer. 

Photo de la semaine 

Sometimes words are not strong enough to express what you feel. I will let the picture talk for itself . 

When Mr Winter Snapchat Mrs Spring …

Design Credit : Zara Yellow coat 2015, husband old sweater , H&M prints pants, Stan Smith Sneaker , Japanese groceries bag. 

Photo Credit : Madame Lambert 

Louis the Fifth 

What a better way to start the year with adding a new member to your family… 

Let me introduce you my Louis the Fifth*…My dearest Noé, son of my heart. Courtesy of my husband Christmas kindness towards my French designers craziness. Lol.

I’m lucky enough to enjoy the treasures that fashion has to give as much as the ones Life is giving me. 

So this year I will keep on being grateful and try my best to keep you entertained.

From your sweet Parisienne*,

Happy New Year,

Welcome back to my  Atmosphere ! 

Design Credits : Louis Vuitton Noé, Louis Vuitton cadenas . 

Photo Credit : Madame Lambert 

*Louis the Fifth : the Fifth one from my LV collection. 

*Parisienne: Parisian in French 

Socks & Heels 

Socks are for the feet what comfort food is for your heart… Freaking Amazing!

My passion for heels put me through so many uncomfortable Winter situations that you will think I will have gave up on them…

Non non non…

The addiction was more powerful. 

Here I am again on this first day of freezing Winter wearing one of them,lol. 

This time around I’m letting myself try this 1994 trend. You heard it well! Gianni Versace might be proud of me. 

So, Better now than never . I’m pairing my shining shoes with a pair of charcoal wool socks. 

The result ?… I’m in love ! And when I say in love, I’m adding a new addiction to another one, lol. 

Get your socks on! And be Freaky Freezy Fabulous!

Designs Credit : H&M Skirt, Calvin Klein Socks, ASOS Shoes, Jill Sanders Sweater, Tania Vartan Pillow, Home Depot Lights. 

Photo Credits : Madame Lambert 

Fashion Bomb

Just a quick Thank you to Claire Sulmers! 

Me  and my girls had fun joining you and Ty Hunter to the “Cocktails with Claire” New York 2016 edition. 

The fun was real, the chitchat cool and your personality beyond humility. 

The perfect girls night out. 

Design credits : Asos Skirt , Zara Shirt , Noir Jewelry Cuff , Chanel bag, Asos Shoes. 

Photo Credits : Madame Lambert 

Pleasure Printable 

Hopefully you got the Musical reference… If not… Oh Well . 

Prints on Prints is the new “No white after Labor Day “. Nobody care about it and everybody do what makes them happy.

So, Get the audacity to mix and match prints as you wish.  As long as those don’t scream “I dress in a pitch black room and I love it … [No honey, turn the light on and put it together, ‘Cause Bozo the clown already have a job]”… 

You are entitled to do whatever the weather makes you feel. 

Square + Plaid + Stripes or Circles + Flowers + Cheetah Prints…It’s all about the right colors. 

Have fun and let me know !

Designs Credits : H&M Pants, Goyard Tote Bag, Aztèque Scarf , Zara shoes, Gap Man Shirt, Wool coat.

Photo Credits : Madame Lambert 

Cinderella by day 

Some of us work night shift and some others the day shift . 

In both cases we work hard to make it to somewhere . 

Either way for more money , fame or just for the sake to keep on leaving.

Despite the crazy hours, work done, or schedules …Always remind yourself to keep it cute and sparkling . 

Only you can be your own fairytale . 

That’s the reason why I wake up every morning  telling myself : ” remember when you were poor and you wore that cheap outfit  which look like a million bucks?…Well now it’s time to buy the outrageously expensive one..’Cause you’re going to make it Gurll” 

Never let anyone stop you from achieving your own success.

Design credits : H&M jewelry skirt , Vintage wedding shoes .

Photo credit : Madame Lambert 

The Wave

Once upon a time a little girl Miss S.N landed in New York a day of April 4th, 2011. 

Willing to finish her second master and most importantly learn English…The young Parisian on top of her 20’s was running the town without even knowing that she will stay here for now almost 6 years.

And when I say running the town it’s literally everyday from Tarrytown to Manhattan EVERYFuckingDAY! 

Long story ultra sophisticated short . Here I am in my 30’s accomplishing what most of you will call the American Dream. 

I turned my Miss into a Mrs , my Model body for a curvilicious fabulous momma one, my internship into a real job and most of all my happiness into a forever and ever one. 

Today as much as Shantell Martin (exclusive Jacket shown on the picture) I believe that one day I will be my own boss … Making people happy by my creativity and cool attitude. You know why? Because waves don’t die and if I was able to have a little taste of hers by meeting her, chasing after her talent and then receiving this AMAZING JACKET AND COLORING BOOK….I know that I can “make it” too. 

When time will come for my little one to wear it, I know that he will feel the same vibes as me and his father did. 

I will tell him while wearing this bomber jacket : “Everything is possible. Keep running after your dreams until these ones come true.” 

Thank you New York…

Design credit : Shantell Martin Exclusive Jacket for Mr Robot pop-up store , Wave Coloring Book, Our Charcoal Chesterfield Velvet Sofa.

Photos: Mrs Lambert®