Goldie Curly 

Have you ever done things by pure curiosity ? Well I’m into that phase. I wanna try things that people don’t automatically expect me to do. 
For example slowly but surely I’m trying some blond curls. Started from an ombré now I’m here,lol. 

I don’t quite know if it fits me well. I believe it does since nobody look at me like “Guuurl what’s up with your Hair?!”.

I wanna go blonder, why? Because I want to know how does it feel to be Mary J Blige, Beyonce Taraji and co. “Black girl and Blond hair  or the savoir-faire of not being yourself at all”, my next book, lol. 

If we can’t have fun with our society…Might as well do it with our hair . 

I’ll keep you posted 

FYI : my husband corrects all my mistake cause after all I’m just a French immigrant still learning English … so sorry for the vocabulary.


Curls Curls Gurls 

You shouldn’t have to explain who you are , where you are going and neither why you wanna be somebody else . 

Changing is good sometimes…As long as you love the way you are , PLEASE have fun with yourself !

Life is too short to keep the same hair cut more than five years in the row! Lol. 

Probably why I have a whole collection of lacewigs !! So when I’m tired of my short , pixie hair style , I switched it up for one of my Guuuurls ( they always have amazing names , lol). 

A round of applause for Angela ! 

Design Credit : Isis Red Carpet , Angela 

Photo credits : Madame Lambert