Be shady 

No shame in this game . Make your interiors digitally powerful. Wondering what do I meant right ?

Well at a time of our Lives where every one of us like to socialize on the 2.0 platform… Let’s be creative and print our favorite pictures or inspirational prints on some shades…Lamp shades . 

 Like Tania Vartan and Christopher Spitzmiller or from a more customizable way. Make your interiors yours.

Design Credit : Tania Vartan, Christopher Spitzmiller.

Photo credit : Madame Lambert 



For those who knows me , I loooove to create words . Might come from the fact that I’m a foreigner and English wasn’t easy to learn ….Or simply from a lack of seriousness as I love to joke around . Anyway.

The purpose of this new word is to translate the love that I have for those Pop Chairs ! I will include them in my house like a circle of Anonymous Popsicles Addicted . (Trust me they do exist…In my sweet tooth head ) lol. 

So I called them PopChaircles in memory of the happiness that a Popsicle gave once tasted. 

More seriously I do believe in the power of colors and each “Chez Soi” * should have a piece or two of flamboyant furniture as long as the rest is coherent and harmonious. 

I choose and ordered two of them in the Apple green color  to give life to our velvet dark grey Chesterfield sofa.  

Being Parisian and a bit of an asshole (my citizenship makes me like that) …I won’t tell you YET where to get them , BUT  I will surely show you the result of my decor once they will be in our living room!

I really write like I talk …Crazy me ! 

Photo & Design Credits: You will know once they are in my living room !

*Chez Soi : Home sweet Home 


Kips Bay 2016 

This afternoon I went to check out the Kips Bay Designer Showhouse 2016 and it was amazing! 

For once and all : Blue is the way to go ! From the king blue to the Cerulean crossing the turquoise and ocean one , the beautiful townhouse showed me all the colors range than you can imagine when it comes to the primary color .

The most surprising ? Well a lot of designers are now using the grey in his silver shades as accent colors . From mate to shiny , velvet to linen, faux leather, suede or sheer the sophisticated chic touch was in the air .

Also interesting the combination of natural, beige and white on one pattern in a Patchwork style . 

In one word a mix and match of different shades from the same color either way to turn down or up the rooms where wall art and furniture become the accents/ masterpieces instead of the casual accent pillows game or curtains. 

Always on point I already knew that lavender will be the new pink . More precisely the blue periwinkle. 

Kips Bay 2016 was for me the discovery of what I kind of already felt :  The Renaissance of luxe durability fabrics. 

Designers credits : Kips Bay Decorator Showhousr 2016 

Photo Credits : Mrs Lambert 

Organic Wall Art 

When it comes to interior design I like to mix and match modern and self conscious environment. 

I’m one of those who think that industrial, eco friendly and recycling chic can live together. 

Above and Below samples of organic wall covering made out of coconut, bamboo and coffee bean from Nicaragua. They were initially sold individually and shown to clients as references … But I decided to frame the extra ones that we had and hung them on the wall as a triptych*. 

I always wanted something strong of sense as a masterpiece in my living room and I’m really proud of this one…Which complement my Death Star Chandelier (post #2 ).

*Triptych: is a work of art (usually a panel painting) that is divided into three sections, or three carved panels that are hinged together and can be folded.

Design Credit : Mr and Mrs Lambert 

Photo credits : Mrs Lambert 

The Stones

We all need a masterpiece in our Cosy home sweet home …And if you do have kids this pattern will give the boost that you are looking for the little Princess or Prince of your heart. 

Curtains, lamp shades , head bed or pillows nothing should stop you to be creative ! 

Easy to wash 100% linen , with a good durability you will still have to invest a little more that on a regular fabric … Why? It’s digital print, customizable and only made by order honey! 

Design credit : Tania Vartan Alabastro Dark blue & Black, Alabastro Gold. Lawton mull office’s lamp.

Photo: Mrs Lambert  

A Tray…Ler

Sometimes the only piece missing in your house is a good tray . Not automatically the one which will serve “hors d’oeuvres” …But the one where you will dump your jewels, keys, coins or how about NOTHING AT ALL ?!

Simplicity is the key and with these Malachite trays  made from digital printed fabrics; you will set the record straight to the Chic .

Design credits : Tania Vartan’s trays  , Malachite 100% Linen fabrics, Savel Inc Tahitian Vanilla Striesuede (background ). Prices Available at Savel Inc around $59 .

Photo credit: Mrs Lamber