Happy Thanksgiving guys 


Cinderella by day 

Some of us work night shift and some others the day shift . 

In both cases we work hard to make it to somewhere . 

Either way for more money , fame or just for the sake to keep on leaving.

Despite the crazy hours, work done, or schedules …Always remind yourself to keep it cute and sparkling . 

Only you can be your own fairytale . 

That’s the reason why I wake up every morning  telling myself : ” remember when you were poor and you wore that cheap outfit  which look like a million bucks?…Well now it’s time to buy the outrageously expensive one..’Cause you’re going to make it Gurll” 

Never let anyone stop you from achieving your own success.

Design credits : H&M jewelry skirt , Vintage wedding shoes .

Photo credit : Madame Lambert 


It is always hard to introduce yourself… Especially facing a blank page… Pause… Let me take this back , most importantly when you are shy and somewhat private.  

Let’s do it… Here I am Mrs Lambert, 30 years old, a born and raised Parisian girl living in Manatthan for 5 years . Proud wife, newly mom, I work in the Interior Design industry where I combine my passions for Fashion in the way I dress and for Design in the way I advise.

Through my devotion for my French Art de Vivre I will show you the way I live, love, decor and eat. Please excuse my French and welcome   “Chez Mrs Lambert” . 

Fashion credits : Levis denim shirt, DVF wallet , wild & wet lipstick, Theory fur coat .

Photo credit : Mrs Lambert