Credits Jar

Credits Jar are what Tip Jar are for the service you’ve made at work, for a friend, your community and list goes on…

Every single one of us deserve some recognition for the work they’ve done… As long as this one is well done. 

If you appreciate somebody talent, savoir-faire and creativity, please don’t ignore the Jar. Well, let me rephrase it… Please don’t give “the tip”entirely to someone who has done the job only half the way.

I like to tip well the guy who always make my hot caramel latte, because he’s the best at it! Do I ever give the credits of his savoir-faire to Magnolia bakery owner or cashier? Nope! I gave it to him specifically. 

Why? Because he is the one behind the coffee machine making sure everything is well done, putting the top to my cup… Not any of the Magnolia sales représentant. Lmao. 

They will get their tips from the owner but not from me. 

Let’s all do the test and put a credits Jar on our desk. You will be surprise on how many people would rather ignore it than gracefully give you the amount you deserve. Some of them might do it (Yeah I know it’s call commissions sometimes, lol) some might not . 

At the end of the day only provide the service  or  work that your credits/tip Jar allow you to do. The bigger the Jar is, the better the work will be. 

Design credits : Magnolia Bakery’s Tip Jar
Photo Credits : Madame Lambert 



Happy Thanksgiving guys 

Cinderella by day 

Some of us work night shift and some others the day shift . 

In both cases we work hard to make it to somewhere . 

Either way for more money , fame or just for the sake to keep on leaving.

Despite the crazy hours, work done, or schedules …Always remind yourself to keep it cute and sparkling . 

Only you can be your own fairytale . 

That’s the reason why I wake up every morning  telling myself : ” remember when you were poor and you wore that cheap outfit  which look like a million bucks?…Well now it’s time to buy the outrageously expensive one..’Cause you’re going to make it Gurll” 

Never let anyone stop you from achieving your own success.

Design credits : H&M jewelry skirt , Vintage wedding shoes .

Photo credit : Madame Lambert 

Be shady 

No shame in this game . Make your interiors digitally powerful. Wondering what do I meant right ?

Well at a time of our Lives where every one of us like to socialize on the 2.0 platform… Let’s be creative and print our favorite pictures or inspirational prints on some shades…Lamp shades . 

 Like Tania Vartan and Christopher Spitzmiller or from a more customizable way. Make your interiors yours.

Design Credit : Tania Vartan, Christopher Spitzmiller.

Photo credit : Madame Lambert 

Curls Curls Gurls 

You shouldn’t have to explain who you are , where you are going and neither why you wanna be somebody else . 

Changing is good sometimes…As long as you love the way you are , PLEASE have fun with yourself !

Life is too short to keep the same hair cut more than five years in the row! Lol. 

Probably why I have a whole collection of lacewigs !! So when I’m tired of my short , pixie hair style , I switched it up for one of my Guuuurls ( they always have amazing names , lol). 

A round of applause for Angela ! 

Design Credit : Isis Red Carpet , Angela 

Photo credits : Madame Lambert 

The Wave

Once upon a time a little girl Miss S.N landed in New York a day of April 4th, 2011. 

Willing to finish her second master and most importantly learn English…The young Parisian on top of her 20’s was running the town without even knowing that she will stay here for now almost 6 years.

And when I say running the town it’s literally everyday from Tarrytown to Manhattan EVERYFuckingDAY! 

Long story ultra sophisticated short . Here I am in my 30’s accomplishing what most of you will call the American Dream. 

I turned my Miss into a Mrs , my Model body for a curvilicious fabulous momma one, my internship into a real job and most of all my happiness into a forever and ever one. 

Today as much as Shantell Martin (exclusive Jacket shown on the picture) I believe that one day I will be my own boss … Making people happy by my creativity and cool attitude. You know why? Because waves don’t die and if I was able to have a little taste of hers by meeting her, chasing after her talent and then receiving this AMAZING JACKET AND COLORING BOOK….I know that I can “make it” too. 

When time will come for my little one to wear it, I know that he will feel the same vibes as me and his father did. 

I will tell him while wearing this bomber jacket : “Everything is possible. Keep running after your dreams until these ones come true.” 

Thank you New York…

Design credit : Shantell Martin Exclusive Jacket for Mr Robot pop-up store , Wave Coloring Book, Our Charcoal Chesterfield Velvet Sofa.

Photos: Mrs Lambert®

The Job 

I never knew I will be busy as much as I am by just being a mom … My colleagues, yes you heard me, my moms colleagues should have told me the struggle I will face once applying for this job,lol. 

Don’t get me wrong, I got the position real quick and my employer dear little prince [that I love to death], didn’t know neither  I will fit perfectly . 

So…Why am I complaining ? Well I feel that I just need an extra day between Sunday and Monday to be able to : Blog, Recover from hangover , shop in actual stores and not anymore online, go on extra dates with my husband and just be the old me for few extra inches of heels. 

Deep down I know I will keep on being better and I will get promoted to CEO of this company called…. Parenthood, but for now I will perfect my super model catwalk wearing my heels and walking my Prince in his stroller. After all maybe I can do it all!! Being a mom , wearing heels, carrying a stroller and still be efficient at work?! I guess I’m slaying it. So can you!!

Dedicated to all the working moms and dads either way at home or at work. Don’t give up on yourself and switch those sweatpants for mini skirts, heels and lipstick or whatever makes you feel hot dear Daddy!

Sorry guys for my lack of posts but I guess, I’m back . 

Fashion Credits : Zara Skirt , Uppa Baby stroller , Vintage Shoes.

Photo Credit : Madame Lambert ®

Milf Judged

Never be ashamed of what you want to be for yourself …The first minutes I knew I was expecting I knew right away that I will be a postpartum Milf . 

Not the one that Society defines …But my own definition of a Milf. A Mother who is Interested by Living her life with Fabulosity! 

I wanted my son to look at me one day and say: “My mom is the dopest when it comes to happiness because she’s living her motherhood to the fullest”.

All Milfs  are not looking for the sexual attention. Some of us just need recognition of our Art de vivre* being the best at what we do. 

Being a happy mom embracing her new curves, weight, boobs. Being a mom who doesn’t care of what Society dictated us to look like 6 months postpartum. Being a mom living the fabulosity with her new kingdom named Family.

So before Milf Judging us, please ask us first which type of Milf we are 😉.

Fashion Credit : Stan Smith Sneakers, Hermès Birkin Bag, Colorina Pencil Skirt.

Photo Credit : Mrs Lambert

Art de vivre* : way of living

Milf Judging : misjudging a Milf 

A Milf : Mother Interrested in Living the Fabulousity 

The new normal 

Or how the power of Stan Smith makes you ultra cool automatically . Yes because being cool is totally affordable, free of charges and with no delivery fees. 

So what are you waiting for ? Go get your pair of boyfriend Jeans , even your grandma ones will do the trick. A white tee shirt or tank top and the Must have a designer cute tiny bag.

No designers ? Zara…Asos…MissGuided can totally help.

Still here ?!!!!! Go go go ! Being cool won’t last that long …

Designer credit : Louis Vuitton Makeup bag, Stan Smith sneakers , H&M denim jean . Isabelle Marant white tee shirt 

Photo credits : Mrs Lambert 


For those who knows me , I loooove to create words . Might come from the fact that I’m a foreigner and English wasn’t easy to learn ….Or simply from a lack of seriousness as I love to joke around . Anyway.

The purpose of this new word is to translate the love that I have for those Pop Chairs ! I will include them in my house like a circle of Anonymous Popsicles Addicted . (Trust me they do exist…In my sweet tooth head ) lol. 

So I called them PopChaircles in memory of the happiness that a Popsicle gave once tasted. 

More seriously I do believe in the power of colors and each “Chez Soi” * should have a piece or two of flamboyant furniture as long as the rest is coherent and harmonious. 

I choose and ordered two of them in the Apple green color  to give life to our velvet dark grey Chesterfield sofa.  

Being Parisian and a bit of an asshole (my citizenship makes me like that) …I won’t tell you YET where to get them , BUT  I will surely show you the result of my decor once they will be in our living room!

I really write like I talk …Crazy me ! 

Photo & Design Credits: You will know once they are in my living room !

*Chez Soi : Home sweet Home